Live Christmas Nativity
to Dec 17

Live Christmas Nativity

Here at Hillside Community Worship we will be doing a Live Nativity.  A great time to pack up the family, have fun and drive-thru our live nativity scene.  It's something you won't want to miss.  Direction to the Church is on this web page.

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11:00 AM11:00

Speaker "Rex Ruth as Samuel Adams"

Author Rex Ruth is a proud American of Mexican descent, raised in the vinyards and agriculture fields of the Central Valley of California.

He holds a degree in theatrical arts for his dramatic, mass communications and education with an emphasis on history.  He has received wide acclaim for his dramatic presentation of founding fathers, presidents, early senators, and decorated war vets.  He has lent his talents to raise funds to feed the people of Liberia during war time and has been a featured speaker at several elections as well as Tea Party events dedicated to passing on principles that secure liberties for future generations.  Rex now lives in Northern California with his wife Janna and has five children and six grand children.

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