Unchained Gospel

Combat Manual - Remembering

The Apostle Paul starts his last life letter in a prison dungeon. II Tim vs. 8

‘Remember Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!

It’s not a slogan or a prepared statement it’s a declaration labor of love... it is a miracle based on love for others... Is there anything ever more powerful? More daunting or more courageous, or more terrifying...?

‘Remember,’ Timothy... when you feel overwhelmed, stuck or chained to a problem, Jesus defeated death! To ‘remember: is intentional, ‘memory recall...’  

Do you remember when the ‘Big mac,’ first appeared? Crushing the competition, their slogan was ‘ingredients,’ they made it a song, and rewarded those who remembered, in less than 2 seconds, a free one!

Paul tells Timothy, ‘Christ risen,’ is the strongest force in all eternity... Remember...

The power of the cross to overcome...

·         How Jesus rose from the ashes of death...

·         Broke the chains of sin ...

·         Endured the scars on his body

·         Carried the cross to victory

·         Leads us to Salvation...

Jesus instigated change thru personal sacrifice...

‘Therefore,’ Jesus will unchain every piercing of pain, challenge or problem. 

Paul says in, Timothy vs. 10 ‘Therefore I endure everything for the... elect, they too may obtain salvation... in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory.’ he says, ‘I am chained like a criminal, but the gospel is not chained...  ‘Remember Jesus Risen’

‘I will always be with you...’

·         Teach His words

·         Comfort His people

·         Help overcome  

·         To forgive... encourage and build up  

Because, wearing the bondage chains of serving others – sets them free...  Remember it’s our gospel: Not just a t-shirt, or a fish stuck on the back of our cars, but a chained commitment to a vision – ‘so everyone can hear the gospel...’

Christianity is most successful when we are serving...

Pastor James Stark, Hillside Community Worship