Soldier Up your Faith

starts with ‘Ownership’ II Tim 1:1

Remember the car commercial where the guy takes ownership and runs up and licks the door handle, before the people can reach it?

Or Toy Story I, of Woody’s conversation with Buzz and the rest of the toys, he says, ‘we wouldn’t even be here, together if it weren’t for Andy, (Picking up his foot) who’s on the bottom of your foot?’

In his last letter Paul hoped to meet Timothy in Ephesus. But, tough times had fallen and Paul was arrested for his faith... Timothy was also experiencing growing pains in Ephesus...

Vs. 1 Encourages Timothy; ‘an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God according to the promise of the life that is in Christ Jesus...’

Paul says, I am owned, I am called, sent (Apostle) and I have a promise; eternal (Belief in the gospel) life in Jesus to share...

Ownership - causes us to act out for what owns us – we see it in athletes for their teams... or selling products they endorse, movie stars and famous people contracted by different company’s...

Have you ever noticed how quickly, a star athlete or famous movie star comes under attack the endorsing company - drops them and steps away from the now targeted scape goat?

Jesus talked about the heart of an owner vs. the hired hand.

They both look the same until the trouble starts, and the wolves come looking for mutton... the hired hand takes off, runs away and flees! But the owner lays down his life. He knows them personally, loves them and cares for them. In turn they know his voice – there is a mutual trust, he provides protection – and they follow!

Paul says, ‘fan into flame the ‘ownership’ gift of God...’ Show it, tell it and live it people need to know your owner, Jesus...

So, who’s on the bottom of your foot? 

Pastor James Stark, Hillside Community Worship